​Friends of YAMAM, Inc. helps by providing:

• Educational/instructional programs at different levels including full scholarships for higher education degrees
 • Supplies, electronics, and other materials required for educational classes and programs​
 • Activities and cultural events


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Photos of families and students depict actors, not actual YAMAM operatives or their family members.

 Friends of YAMAM, Inc. is a non-profit organization based in Edison, New Jersey. It is dedicated to helping support the educational needs and the well being of the families of YAMAM. Through the efforts​ and the financial support of its members it hopes, in a small way, to give back to the operatives and their families, acknowledging their sacrifices and letting them know that their actions are ​appreciated.

​Friends of YAMAM, Inc. accomplishes this by offering a range of educational, social, cultural, and recreational programs. They are exclusively for the YAMAM operatives
​( current and retired ), their families, and the families of the operatives who have lost their lives while in service in the unit. All of the Friends of YAMAM’s work is funded through philanthropic giving and individual donations.
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